Why is a Website Important for Your Business :

By Josh Hayden,

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The most important element of a website is not the design. It is not the slideshow or the contact form with the auto-responder. The most important element of a website is the copy, made up of the written words that explain, define and elaborate on your business’ unique offering to the world. However, if the website is cluttered or difficult to use, potential customers will click away from your site (or perhaps never even arrive) and you will lose an opportunity to connect with them.
Websites are a continuous work-in-progress and should be scheduled for regular review and updating as a part of the business cycle. Users expect the information on a website to be the most up-to-date and get frustrated with businesses that leave out-dated information on their site.
Get information changed on your website
Get new information added to your website
Add new features like pictures.

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