Veecode e-brouchureThe fast spread of mobile phones has introduced new points of view for creating business and leads. Veecode is glad to pioneer E-brochure application that profits all new point of view for Academic/educational organizations to achieve understudies with least expensive and generally accessible communication media.

Veecode e-brochure-system

What is an E-Brochure system?

E-Brochure Application is Veecode one of one of a kind mobile & web technology is driven application offering capacities to get inquiries/leads and naturally send email in light of inputs.

E-Brochure empowers educational/ academic institutions to computerize their admission inquiry prepare in this way benefiting chance to get greatest leads with their contact data in the most practical way.

Veecode How it-Work

How does it work?

The e-brochure application is a blend of mobile & web technology conveying world-class arrangement at most practical budgetary designations.

1) Students/end-client SMS (message) their questions to your SMS code alongside their wanted course/benefit name and their email ID.

2) This question is presented on E-Brochure Web Service which thusly accepts info and concentrates results from your pre-designed database.

3) Result extricated is conveyed back to the client in both ways.

4) A short SMS answer with appropriate reaction is sent to the client mobile phone.

5) E-mail with welcome content, course short data and leaflet download join shows up in this email.

6) An email alarm is sent to In-Charge power at your end for data and appropriate activity.

Veecode e-brochure-services

Why would it be a good idea for you to choose e-brochure design?

In the present information-driven world, keeping your intended interest group all around educated and redesigned about your business with a reasonable, yet viable advertising apparatus is for sure a shelter of technology.

The different reasons why you ought to pick e-brochure as your promoting medium is as per the following:

  • This one doesn’t should be printed; thus, includes lesser costs.
  • It is simple to distribute & duplicate.
  • It is simple to modify & update.
  • Helpful and simple to convey, either by sending a link by means of email or on a CD.
  • Your content is ensured. Clients can’t duplicate and glue your content for their own utilization.
  • It can show on your site as a .html page.
Veecode E-Brochure Design

How can your business benefit from Veecode's e-brochure design services?

At Veecode, we make redid e-brochures for you. Our group head listens to your necessities; sends you a quote and starts the work after you give a gesture.

  • We offer the snappiest conceivable service that you can get in the business. Two working days is the time we have to set up the configuration ideas. Be that as it may, in the event that you are in a rush, we can do likewise for you within one working day.
  • We have faith in fulfilling our customers. Subsequently, updates are offered to rely upon the bundle that you have picked.
  • We don’t utilize the customary techniques for online leaflet outline, however, propelled software to show signs of improvement results speedier.
  • We work at a moderate rate.

At Veecode, we offer e-brochure design services that consolidate the most recent technology with human skill, so you get the e-brochure you need.