Q. How much time before you see the results?
A. We will start your campaign with proper website analysis and keywords management and you can start seeing the results in the first 3-4 months. New websites take a bit longer to see the results as compared to the already established websites. New websites can take 5-6 months to start seeing SEO results on their website.
Q. How do I see what is going on with my project?
A. We provide weekly reports to update on the progress made on your website. There are monthly reports to show and compare the rankings from previous weeks.
Q. Who will be in charge of my account?
A. We have a team of experienced SEO employees consisting of Project Managers, Account Managers, Business Sales Managers to handle accounts. There will be a dedicated Account manager assigned to you to answer all your queries.
Q. How will I know if my website is making any progress?
A. We will provide clients with regular updates regarding the progress made on the website. We also provide monthly reports on ranking on different platforms like Google, Bing etc.
Q. Are the links that you build Google Penguin safe?
A. The answer in one word is yes. We take all the necessary precautions and measures to make sure that our links are safe from any penalty by google. We use an extensive mixture of grapple content which will be a mixture of equal words, plural/particular arrangements, joining keywords, and so on and it helps in preventing any unnecessary words or links that may lead to any penalty of any sort.
Q. If there are any changes in guidelines for SEO, do I need to keep track of it?
A. We do regular check-ups and updates to make sure that we are always up to date with the latest guidelines. Our clients can be assured that we will handle all their work, and they do not need to worry about any changes in the regulations or guidelines.

What if I'm not glad about the work of my consultant?

We at Veecode make sure to have the best employees to assist our clients as customer satisfaction is our most important objective. In rare cases, if you are not happy with your SEO account manager we will assign you another one to ensure the best working environment possible.

Full-time SEO

Q. Can I have a full time SEO consultant any time I want?
Yes, generally you can have your own SEO consultant as soon as you want, but sometimes this depends upon the availability of the consultant.
Q. How often does the consultant report to me?
The full time SEO consultant will report once a day to you. You can also talk to the consultant through emails or instant messages.
Q. What am I expected to do while working with a full time SEO consultant?
The SEO consultant will ask for your approval before implementing any major changes on the websites, but most of the your work is done during the consulting phase and after that the consultant will provide a report regularly to keep you up to date with the changes on the website.
Q. What will be the skill level of the consultant?
The consultant will have a minimum of 2 years of experience in SEO. We assign consultants based on their relevant experience in the given field. For example: a restaurant website’s SEO will be given to a consultant who has relevant experience in providing SEO for the Food Industry.
Q. When is it a good idea to have a full time SEO consultant?
We recommend full time SEO consultants to any organisation who needs aggressive marketing and have more than 10 keywords. . This form of consultation is also favored by larger organizations who need comprehensive project administration at low costs.
Q. How many projects can a Full time SEO consultant handle?
The consultant can handle up to 3 different SEO projects at a time.
Q. How many hours does the full time SEO consultant work on my site?
The full time SEO consultant will dedicate 40 hours per week on your website.