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Search engine optimization can basically be referred as a way to maximise your website visibility on the internet. One of the easier way to explain is by referring web as a library and search engines like google and yahoo acting as librarians answering your request for information. Their system collects information from every page on the web in order to provide whatever information a user wants to use.

Search engines works on certain algorithm in order to provide the best possible information from all over the web. If you own a website then you want it to be higher on the rankings so that it shows whenever a person types any keyword. In order to increase your ranking there are certain parameters which will help you to increase your ranking on the web using our Affordable SEO Services.

The various parameters that help a website to gain higher rankings are:

  • 1WORDS Used: Search engine accounts for every word on the web. For example: If somebody wants information about dining tables and type dining tables, then search engine will show all the information relevant to dining tables.
  • 2Titles Used: Each page comes with an official title. The user may not see it because it is in the code, and search engine pays a lot of importance to titles because they summarize the page.
  • 3Links Used: The links between the websites also has effect on the rankings. When one web page links to another it means that it is recommending that website. A webpage with a lot of links can look good to a lot of search engines.
  • 4Words used in Links: If the link has key words then the search engine gives a lot of weight to it. For example: , the link has watches in it, so whenever somebody types watches then eBay website with watches will show on the search engine.
  • 5Reputation matters: Search engines also care about fresh and engaging content, and quality links also does well on the rankings.

What are the steps in SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Step1: Setting up Campaign

The first step involves total analysis of your website. It includes analyzing the content of the website, along with code navigation and various link structure on the website. Our basis purpose is to draw a report based on these factors, and we also look at the five competitors on leading search engines.

Step2: Research on Keywords

The second step involves in finding the keywords that will define your business. We at Veecode use various tools and extensive research methods in order to find your target customers. We also look at the basic nature of your business along with the geographical area of your business.

Step3: Page Optimization

In this step we use various techniques such as LSI, Interlinking, anchor text to make sure that your website incorporates all google webmaster guidelines. We also make sure that all keywords are incorporated into the content to make it look great on the rankings.

Step4: Optimizing Code

Great content does not alone guarantee great ranking, the other things like title tag, keyword tag, description tag also plays very important role in ensuring that your website has high ranking on google. We at Veecode make sure that we check each and every tag and rewrite wherever necessary to make your website appear higher on google and other search engines.

Step5: Build Backlinks

Creating Backlinks is another important step in the process of search engine optimization. Backlinks from good websites are important for your website. The important thing is to make sure that we get smart links from content marketing to get maximum value according to the search engine guidelines.

Step6: Optimizing Social Media Platforms

Social media is as much important as google in today’s time, and we try to make sure that your company is present in various platforms such as Facebook, Twitter. Having good presence on social media is important to create awareness about your website.

Step7: Improve Rankings on Google/Yahoo(Search Engines)

The last step is to show whether all the above steps paid any dividend. Here we make sure that we look at the progress made by your website using various tools such as progressive graphs, extensive reports on excel sheets, conversions, ranking trends, click rates, and much more.