Enterprise Resource Management (ERM) Software

Veecode Mobile SoftwareMobile field service software alludes to applications that are utilized by either field service experts or dispatchers to analyze issues, decide the data and parts that are required, and convey them to the work site or the customer. Mobile field service software is made in a CRM (client relationship administration) environment. The product will have the capacity to decide both the area of the issue and the materials and devices expected to settle the issue. Mobile field service software can incorporate various components, for example, applications for planning, dispatching, management of information.

With growing BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) wonder, mobile field service software is an approach to guarantee that any issues with the organization’s information, applications, system, and so on can be just and immediately determined. With mobile field service software, the supplier of the product can remotely tackle any issues in a proficient way. Mobile field service software takes into account more prominent correspondence and efficiency for service specialists and additionally a streamlined procedure and unrivaled client service.

Mobile field service software is frequently extremely adaptable in nature and can be effectively coordinated with different business software, which may incorporate projects for bookkeeping and different business capacities. Also, mobile field service software may utilize certain databases that contain insights about the hardware of the client, a stock of parts, and necessities for access. mobile field service software is additionally gainful in light of the fact that it permits numerous procedures of field service to be rearranged with elements, for example, GPS and standardized tag checking.

Veecode build execution of field Specialists


  • Longing to advance from cost focus to vital benefit center
  • Acknowledging expanded consumer loyalty
  • Build execution of field specialists
  • Accomplish focused separation
  • No real time communication
  • Supporting bring-your-own-gadget (BYOD) systems
Veecode Features


  • Support for Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, IOS & Android
  • Perfect for laptops, tablets & phones
  • All pertinent client data can be seen on the cell phone, for example, client, service object, administration contract & service task info
  • Direct access to administration object information & contract info
  • Complete administration tasks including the capacity to take picture from the thing repaired
  • Survey authentic data of past service tasks
  • Complete hour registration for both direct & indirect activities i.e. for administration assignment and non-administration task related
  • Streamlined procedure stream to make information section as simple as could be expected under the circumstances
  • If there should arise an occurrence of weekend and/or night move new requests can be made specifically on the mobile device
  • Understanding in required asset limit versus accessible asset limit
  • Include materials, similar to extra parts, upgrade VAN stock
  • Capturing client signature
  • Capture & store media documents
Veecode Advantages


  • Expand the quantity of work requests finished every day
  • Enhance billing process duration and charging exactness
  • Minimize unmoving and is invested clock energy
  • Manufacture incremental service based income streams
  • Decrease stock levels
  • Lower back office costs
  • Build client maintenance
  • 360-degree client view

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